Glorious Packaging

I double dog dare you to admit that this doesn't make you immediately want to break out the kettle and/or perhaps an episode of Downton Abbey. This is all so lovely I may spend a week or two just smelling the little bags of tea rather than breaking them open. And the cellophane makes a genteel little crackling noise. 

Where Does the Time Go?

Apparently I am due to give myself a mid-year evaluation to see where I am relative to the goals I have set for myself for the year. I have a little under two months before the mid-year mark, so let's see where I am at. Using the good china. Check! Most recently it held the dinner that I served up for Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht. Go ahead and be jealous. They are absolutely wonderful people, and Jane is my weaving mentor. If you ever get a chance to meet them or take a class with Jane, do it. Talking with Jane really made me miss Boulder.
Weave more. Check! Well, this little exercise is really starting to make me feel like I've accomplished something! Of course I still have a lot more progress to make in this particular category, but I am doing my best in the time allotted. Currently on my 15" Flip is a tapestry. Yes, a tapestry. My first tapestry in fact. It's looking a bit like a drawing that I might have created in second grade, and it's slow going, but I am really enjoying the process, and I want to learn more. I am also in the process of planning to weave some fabric to sew a garment for the 2013 NEWS fashion show. Mark your calendars now. July 11 - 14, 2013 at Smith College. At a recent trustees meeting, we discussed the list of teachers, and all I can say is wow. Wow. Wow. I am about to cut a couple of patterns to get a sample that's just right before I go ahead and start weaving. I am usually not this calculating when I weave, but I want this to be extra special. 
Learn to tat. Zero progress here. Time to get cracking! Plus I have some size 12 pearl cotton in a dozen gorgeous colors that I would love to use for this. Sort of along a similar vein, here is a link to a crocheted snowflake pattern from Aesthetic Nest that I hope to use to decorate the windows next winter.
I am also working on turning a full fleece into a fulled bedside rug for myself. I managed to wash the fleece last weekend, so we'll see if I can make any progress with fulling this weekend. One problem: vegetable matter. So many little bits, and I don't want to loose the definition of the locks.
And finally, Linda Cortright gave a wonderful lecture on Oman at our guild anniversary meeting last week. That woman amazes me. What a world she has seen. If you haven't checked out Wild Fibers Magazine, I would encourage you to do so. It is full of gorgeous and inspiring words and images, and Margaret Russell's rare breeds column is a must read.

The Makers Project

I love finding inspiration at The Makers Project. Jennifer Causey photodocuments talented people who make things, and I particularly love "the Designers" and "the Builders".

Made by Hand

I am really enjoying this series of videos. The Beekeeper is the latest installment, and makes me look forward to keeping bees again. Be sure to check out The Distiller and The Knife Maker too. Gritty.