Knotted Wool Rug

Last year a friend acquired a large box of wool strips meant for rug braiding. I was the fortunate recipent of the majority of this wool, yet after trying my hand at rug braiding and deciding it wasn't for me, the wool spent the better part of a year taking us space in my attic. And I mean for that to sound as though it was an annoyance. When you live in a tiny house, every cubic foot of space counts, and this box was using up valuable real estate and had no foreseeable future. And then I went back to a project I designed for Schacht Spindle Company back in May of 2011 - a rag rug made with tied t-shirt strips. Why not recreate this in wool, but bigger and better because I learned a lesson or two the last time around?


So here I am, about a foot and a half into the rug, and I'm already excited to get it off of the loom. Stay tuned for pictures of the finish project!


Spinzilla is officially Spunzilla. The yardage is being tallied, and while I'm guessing Team Schacht Spindle won't come in first, it was a great week of spinning. I was a guest blogger for Schacht, goofy photo compliments of my four-year-old. I was reasonably productive, spinning 862 yards of two-ply wool. I finished up one fleece and began spinning another from the same flock. Their coloring is just a bit different, and I'm curious to see how they both take dye. Dye you ask? Dye wool that isn't white? Why not. I will keep you posted.  

Spinning, Schacht, Spinzilla

For some time now, I have been spinning up yarn from fleeces purchased in Maine and Massachusetts as part of my own little Fibershed initiative. The idea here is to support the local economy and be gentle on the earth, among other things. When Jane asked me to be a part of the Schacht Spindle Spinzilla team, I saw an opportunity to chip away at this project. Eventually it will turn into something larger, but for now I'm content to spin my yarn and dabble a bit in dyeing with plants foraged from my yard as well as around town. And now, back to my wheel!

Tiny Things

I love itty bitty things. If I had space in our tiny house for frivolous things, there would most certainly be a dollhouse meticulously outfitted with tiny furniture, tiny carpets, tiny linens, tiny food, tiny artwork. My four year old is not so into the whole tiny movement, unless we're talking marbles. So when I had the chance to make a birthday gift for one of his friends who seems to be an appreciator of tiny things, I couldn't resist.