Ikea is dangerous for weavers

Ikea is pretty close to the top in my list of "most dangerous places for weavers". All of those storage solutions under one roof. Ahhh.... 
Kevin and I took an impromptu trip to our local Ikea a couple of weekends ago to get some super long curtains for our massive windows. Somehow, the car was packed to the gills by the time we left. The next thing I knew we were rearranging our entire living space around a new chair. It's a nice chair. Of course I didn't leave without some new shelves for my studio. Things were getting a bit out of control, and I was in danger of being lost beneath the fiber-y rubble. Not to mention the only available floor space seemed to be occupied by my trash bin which managed to get itself kicked over at least once a day.
Well, I was completely smitten by the limited-edition Billy Jader bookcases covered from tip to toe in snippets from Billy Shakespeare himself. Had to take them home.
Ahh...for organizahhhhtion.

My IKEA's been holding out on me. I hadn't seen those bookcases. Very cool!