On sett

My latest free project for Schacht Spindle Co. has been published. While the project isn't one of my favorites, the topic certainly is. Sett.
There is a lack of helpful information on recommended sett for knitting yarns. Plus there are no right answers for what sett is the correct sett for any yarn. It's all about what you want your outcome to be. Many weavers poo-poo knitting yarns as an option when weaving, quick to point out what makes them unsuitable and generally less cost effective for weaving. But as many a rigid heddle weaver will tell you, knitting yarns offer up some wonderfully creative options, and heck yeah you can weave with them. And if cost is a concern? I always check out the sale bins at yarn shops to pick up some unique additions to my stash. Often you can find one or two skeins of something wonderful at a discount.

I'm generally a laid back human, really, but narrow mindedness really gets me so wound up, especially when it comes to weaving. It's so contrary to what weaving is all about for me. I feel all prickly just typing this, and it probably seems like I talk about this topic a little bit too frequently, but I don't think I can rest easy until the weaving world is a happy place for every weaver.
So this morning I watched the always lovely Beth Smith and her always impeccably dressed nails assemble a Schacht Matchless spinning wheel.  She has some great videos on YouTube, and this one is no exception. Getting a new Matchless through the mail? This video is for you.

I'm in the midst of relaxing about my weaving and learning to just go with the flow and that everything doesn't have to be all planned out. The whole Knitting yarns vs weaving yarns is a mystery to me. what is different about them> Twist? Finishing? I don't know.

Thanks for the video mention. You are swell.