Weaving Together

Every Tuesday evening I head on down to Elissa's Creative Warehouse in Needham, Massachusetts for an evening of weaving fun. I remember my first visit there being slightly overwhelming as never in my life had I seen so little visible wall space in a yarn shop. You could spend hours in that place and still not get to see all of the yarn she has for sale. It's amazing!
Well that was last August, and I have been going there almost every week since. We teach, we learn, we share, and we're constantly impressed by what everyone is weaving. Most everyone owns a Cricket Loom or a Flip (or both!!), and we have newcomers on a fairly regular basis. If you're in the area and want to join us, give the shop a call to make sure we're on for that night. 

Anyhow, the whole point of this was to point out that two of my fabulous new weaving friends made me special woven treats last week. Tracey, who is the reigning Queen of Woven Dish Cloths, gifted me not one, but TWO gorgeous handwoven dish cloths that will be proudly used once the kitchen sink is reinstalled. And Lauren made me a gorgeous shawl to keep me and the baby bump cozy. Well darn if it didn't go with my woven jacket like peanut butter goes with fluff. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, the Fluffernutter is quite possibly one of the tastiest treats ever. EVER. Note: must be made with white bread. 
Winding four yards, 590 ends of Habu Wool Crepe NS-2B high twist yarn. Tricksy stuff.

What a lovely post! XOXO


Are you going to TNNA this June?

No such luck. My doc doesn't want me to be that far away at that stage of my pregnancy.